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highest standards of compliance


Back in 1997, Co-founder Duane Hodges-Stubbs downloaded his first copy of Java. Although at just 20MB, the then revolutionary dial-up connection took an entire Saturday afternoon to download! Undeterred by this Duane had caught the development bug. 

Jump to 2014 and Duane along with Co-founder Malcolm Blake had the opportunity to take the reins of their parking enforcement outfit and it didn’t take long for Duane’s entrepreneurial spirit to shine through!

Initially focussing on offering the highest standards of notice processing and recovery to help parking operators free up time to focus on winning larger contracts to grow their businesses. Duane and the team developed an almost autonomous process that cut processing time in half. 

Since then, solutionlabs has expanded rapidly, monitoring the sector closely while gaining new perspectives from raw data and their diverse client base.


Duane’s vision for solutionlabs was to bring simplicity to complexity – and to use automation to make the user experience as easy and intuitive as possible.  This coupled with their commitment to to strategically place ethical innovation at the fore, meant that in 2020 solutionlabs launched 2 products that could help reshape the UK parking industry.

Their empathetic and evolutionary approach to innovation is designed to meet the needs of customers, operators and Government alike in a rapidly changing world.

2020 and beyond sees solutionlabs moving away from the current restrictive and monopolistic system – which limits choice and deters innovation – towards a customer-centric mode. The outcome, they believe, will be a new era of intelligent mobility for parking – in which greater transparency, competition and freedom of opportunity empower communities to deliver on their economic, environmental, social and sustainability goals.

ethically driven innovation is at our core