How to Get Paid Guide

Address to which invoices should be sent

Accounts Department
1st Floor Regent House,
Hove Street,

Purchase order number requirement (and format of number)

Suppliers will be issued with an Order Number when requesting the goods or services. The format will be YYYY-MM-(2 initials of authorised person) e.g. 2019-09-MB

Any specific details required on invoices

Please mark invoice with preferred payment method.

Payment run dates in month

Payment runs are every Friday.

Date(s) by which an invoice must normally be received and approved to be included in the next cheque run

Invoices received by Wednesday of each week will be authorised for payment no later than the following week’s pay run.

Contact details for invoice payment queries

Name: Nicholas Blake
Job Title: Accounts Administrator
Contact Number: 01273789321

How are disputed invoices dealt with?

If you dispute an Invoice you should contact Accounts Department and give reason for the dispute. The invoice will be put on hold whilst the dispute is resolved and where necessary an amended invoice raised. Resolution should take no more than 14 days from receipt of the dispute.

Normal expected timescale for invoice approval from receipt

Authorisation of invoices received will be completed within 5 working days.

Is an e-invoicing system utilised? No

Other important information for suppliers

In the event of any query or dispute please call the Accounts Department on 01273 789321